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SSRC October Board Meeting Minutes 2014

SSRC Minutes for October

October 12, 2014


Attendees:  Brad, Marla, Mark, Paul, Norma, Steve, Becky, Claire


The minutes were corrected to read “Mark will get in touch with the Sheriff’s office in Auburn” rather than Paul.  This is in regards to the preparation for the Topeka-to-Auburn Half-Marathon.


Mark presented the treasurer’s report and form for online registration in draft mode.  He will call regarding the credit card issue.


Becky will send paperwork for our approval when the form for the half-marathon is completed. 


The timetable for the discounted price for Topeka-to-Auburn for students will be October 20th-27th at cost of $25.00.  Mark and Paul will notify the high school and Washburn students of this opportunity.


Mark will order the marking arrows which can be used for the upcoming race and ongoing races.


The course has been measured by Brad and Steve.  The medal has been seen by everyone on the board and approved.  It is larger and it is red.  We can pick them up rather than have them shipped and will save on shipping costs.  We concurred on ordering a little over 400.    The web site is updated except for map and physical description of the race course.


Brad said Heartland Timing has confirmed their participation. 


Regarding the race charity, all 5 schools are on board.  We have asked for a ratio of 5 kids to 1 adult at the aid stations. 


Paul will be in charge of busing and parking.  Brad notified the sheriff’s department that the course is basically the same as last year’s race.  Paul will talk to the next Auburn Grade School at the next PTO. 


Hooded sweatshirts will be ordered and a little over 400 was agreed upon.  They can be reordered if needed.


The same number of socks will be ordered and those cannot be reordered.  The design was approved.  Arm warmers for overall and age division awards with logo were decided as the choice for this year’s race.  We are waiting on another proof and minimum quantity.  They are $2.65 each. 


All were in agreement to contribute sweatshirts, gloves, and socks from our storehouse to “Running Free” at the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex for their winter running.


Regarding volunteers, Marla said high school students should arrive by 10:00 am.  She will email after Thanksgiving regarding this time requirement.  Also, she will order shirts for the volunteers.  We are awaiting the cost for the shirts through Gear for Races.    Brad will contact BJ Taylor, the announcer before next board meeting. 


The Porta Johns will be placed at 2nd and 4th aid stations.  Steve is in charge of this.


Steve will check on the need for 5 tubs for the aid stations before next meeting.


Becky will provide posters and fliers this week.


We decided to advertise in Masterpieces and voted on a ½ page advertisement.  This can be found at


John Patch and John Bartel will be in charge of setting up and taking down on race day.


Before next meeting of the board, everyone is asked to make a list of supplies needed.


A membership renewal reward was discussed—something for people who renew before the 31st of December.


Chris Schulz has contacted the board and Brad is waiting for more information from him as to his request of Striders’ involvement in races he is directing.


During the next meeting, we will decide on what is needed for the Thanksgiving Run at Lake Sherwood.  We are considering collecting canned goods, possible funds for the Rescue Mission and Mark suggested collecting old pairs of shoes that he can send overseas.  Becky will advertise this and if it goes well we will also do it at the New Year’s run.


Volunteers are needed for the junior college ½ marathon championship at Lake Shawnee November 22nd.  Email will be sent regarding this.


We will be giving cash for overall winners at the Topeka-to-Auburn rather than Gribble’s certificates.


Norma shared the upcoming race schedule and has volunteers for those.


The next meeting is on November 9th


Submitted by Claire Phillips, Secretary

2017 Members

Dave, Alexa, Nadia Alden
Michelle Andrew
Miguel Arellano
Adam & Becky Arensdofr
Tom & Joleen Arnhold
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Stacie Baquero
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John & Lila Bartel
Katie Baylie
Ivan, Zach, Brianna Beach
Matt Benaka
Megan Bergquist
John & Lettitia Bernard
George Bernheimer
Bre Berroth
Lana & Bob Best
Lynette Biehler
Holly Blick
Ben Bradshaw
Kevin Brown
Anthony Bryan
Steven Buckley
Brian, Amanda, Tyler Budden
Nick Buek
Jacob Bull
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Brad & Pam Clark
Scott & Rebecca Cole
Andrew Connery
Scott Cook
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Mandy Davis
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Rick Deibert
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Sarah & Daniel Dodson
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Jonathan Edralin
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Larry Everly
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Heather Fay
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Vince & Leanne Finney
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