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January 9, 2011

Sunflower Striders Board Meeting Minutes


January 2011 Meeting Minutes.

Attendees: Paul, Jared, Norma, Brad, Marla, Mary Anne, Becky, Hunter



The meetings focus was on preparation and remaining activities for the Topeka to Auburn Event but a few general topics were discussed:


T2A General updates:


  • Dick Ross asked that we put his logo on our site

  • Packet pick up Friday 5-7at Fairlawn

    • Pickup at brads Thursday

    • Access to building at 4:30

    • Inside the location where the cake and candy store was. Randy and Mike Corkwin has it set Becky confirmed this past week

    • Fairlawn will open it at 8 am Saturday

    • Asked for 14 tables and 16 chairs will ask for extra chairs

    • Fee is up to $45

    • If we take checks get a phone number

    • Packets are in numeric order – need an alpha list

    • Men get large socks women get medium

    • Volunteer check in is at a separate booth

      • Have 43 vests for course marshals as well as finish line people

      • 1 person at each aid stations should have one (4-6)

    • Race registration is at 9am

      • Norma needs parade permit and will collect money

      • Get Vivian and team to clean up Fairlawn and get items to finish line

  • Can drop off supplies at Fairlawn Friday night

  • Water for finish

    • Bananas at finish to school with pretzels

    • 6 gallons of OJ to school

    • Bring GA and tables by stop sign with the coolers to keep at room temp

    • Washburn kids will take care of it


  • Set up bag drop table at west doors.

  • Brad found a bunch of old finish line bags

  • Kenny and Lana will transport

  • Allen Simon will control parking on the west side of the building

  • Clarence will be Sag

  • Make sure runners get the correct size shirts – XS are really xl youth

  • Order Port a Potties – even if we have to give to out of town service. – NW corner by dumpster


  • Brad would like to meet Dane and other gentleman who will help. Dane will bring some items and Norma will bring first aid kits. Add John to the contact list


  • Normal will have Scott get the clock to finish line. Nick and Scott will assist with the finish line. Mitch Gross will bring out the finish line structure. At min we need cones and finish chute bring pop-ups


  • Last bus will leave at 10:30. Paul has all signs and list of volunteers


  • Results – loosely written instructions and procedures…. Need to forward copies to MARA and post to web site. Paul will help post on Sat.


  • Awards ceremony at 2pm – Brad will announce

  • Some one will need to help handing out awards and passports- good time to stamp

  • Brad talked to Garry in Lawrence for certificates – 25% this time and 20% in future because club members get the award and the 20% for being members. Went with 75, 50, 25.Overall get entry waived next year.


  • Send thank you cards to sponsors (Becky - need List)





  • Order self stamping stamps

  • Jared and Becky need to make sure the passports get stamped

  • Becky will make a sign


General Club Business:


  • Membership Acknowledgements – welcome letters Jared and Mary Anne can get the letters and passports out.

  • Go back to new members as at 12/2010 and send

  • Update renewal form with section for employer information



  • Brad nominates Jared to be the Vice President – second Norma – passed.


  • Hunter is looking for someone to take on Treasurer role although he will continue to help and participate

  • Need to add MA a card and add to signature card to help with Treasurer Transition



  • Picnic fun run – March or early spring – March 30th – Catered meal


  • Jan 22 Google run

  • Polar Plunge timing

  • Web site – needs work


  • Hunter working with Ben Holmes on some trail running initiatives. Beginners run on Shunga trails, rock creek,


  • Expand meetings to include others like Gribbles, Ben, and Tony



  • Spotlight and profiles for the news letters – Feb 1st spotlight.


  • Remember to discuss Let’s Help at next meeting



Next meeting to the 6th of February 5pm Pizzagles














2017 Members

Miguel Arellano
Tom & Joleen Arnhold
Mike Baker
Stacie Baquero
John & Lila Bartel
Zach & Brianna Beach
John & Lettitia Bernard
George Bernheimer
Bre Berroth
Mckensie Bevins
Lana & Bob Best
Lynette Biehler
Holly Blick
Ben Bradshaw
Kevin Brown
Anthony Bryan
Nick Buek
David Burgoon
Suzanne Burris
Michelle Carson
Dale Channel
Rudy Chavez
Debra Christian
Brad & Pam Clark
Scott & Rebecca Cole
Andrew Connery
Scott Cook
Chris Cozadd
Cassie Criger
Christine Cunningham
Kathleen Deeter
Lizette De La Pena-Goldsmith
Rick Deibert
Heiko Detlefsen
Joshua Devlin
Mary Anne & Jared Durall
Jim & Ethel Edwards
Patrick Eldringhoff
Joseph Eldringhoff
Mark Elliott
Michael Erwin
Taylor Evans
Neal & Karen Farron
Heather Fay
Dana Ferrell
Mark Fisher
Jack Galan
J.C. Garcia
Mimi Gardner
Shaun Gardner
Larry & Elaine Gill
Angie Gleason
Artie Gonzales
Lindsay Gress
James & Linda Griffin
Cheryl Haefele
Ryan Haefke
Roger Hambold
Micah and Meagan Hawkinson
Kristen Hearrell
Marcia Henderson
Kiley Hickock
Misty Hight
Laura Hoerman
Karla Huffman
Sarah Hunter
Jeff Huss
Patty Hylton
Doug & Dorthy IIiff
Steve Ingersoll
Matthew Ishkanian
Michael Jamison
Kenneth & Barbara Jessop
Jamie Kim
Ashley Koch
Kevin Kulm
Daniel Kurtz
Clay Lang
Dennis Lawlor
Matthew Ledell
Myron & Tandy Leinwetter
Jan W Leuenberger
Jason, Glenn & Glenn Lewis
Rebaecca Litvak
Phillip Livingston and Eun Jin Kim
Cassie Madden
Jamie Mauer
Steve McGaughey
Candi Meerpohl
Abby Moore
Justin and Vanessa Moss
Tracie Neill
Dave Newbery
LeTiffany Obozele
Tim & Meredith Owen
Tim Ortiz
Nancy Perth
Carley Pert
Tamara Peterson (Miller)
Claire Phillips
Gary Pratt
Tony Rake
Jory Reedy
Brad & Marla Rhoden
Bethany Richardson
Lesa and Rick Roberts/Beattie
Angela Roberson
Michael Robins
Ashley Robinson-Evans
Donna Romans
Brent, Luke, Isaiah, Rebekah, Gabe Roper
Kjrsten Ruch
Elena Rusche
Sean Rutter
Suzanne Sawyer-Burris
Steve Sell
Jacob & Sheena Schmidtlein
Tim Schmitz
Monica Schragg
Joe Schragg
Peg Schultz
Tanya & Dave Scott
Debbie Simecka
Eric & Vicki Smith
Monica Smith
Rashawn Smith
Robert, Nici, Angelica Soria
Doug & Kathy Stacken
Lon Stanton
Charles & Christine Steinkuehler
Scott Steward
Liatris Studer
Steve Stumbaugh
Thad Sullivan
Michelle Terry
Kristen Thiessen
Barb, Leigha, Ron Thomas
Josh, Jacquelyn Thompson
Tom Truhsdale
Ken/Jan Tillery/Escola
Kelly Tosh
Kermit Trout
Scott Umsheide
Roger Underwood
Sarah Vincent
Vicki Vossler & Lynette Steuve
James Wabaunsee
Bill, Brenda, Emily, Billy, Abby, and Sophie Wagemaker
Joe Wagenblast
Paul, Tracy & Marissa Wagner
Vicky Walters
TaNiqua Ward
Deanna Warner
Israel Wasserstein
Joshua and Skyler Watson
Les Watson
Monte Weathers
Jane Weiler
Frank Weinhold
Norma Weiser
Bob & Sharon Wenger
Becky Wessel
Kathi/Sue West/Hamlin
Jackie Williams
Tim Willingham
Sara Wood

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